Strong & Lean in 4 Weeks


The Strong and Lean Training program includes strength training exercises targeting all muscle groups AND a suggested 7 day menu plan.  

Beginners to advanced will train 3-5x per week with a new routine each week!  My Strong and Lean routine when partnered with the 7 day menu plan will get you stronger and leaner in 4 weeks!!! 

Workout routines will last between 20-30 minutes (average time) .  Please review the following

  • Includes a 7 Day Suggested Menu  (vegetarian and vegan options included)
  • Program can be Viewed from Your Account Using your Smart Phone/PC/Tablet
  • Routines (are demonstrated in VIDEO FORMAT
  • Internet Access is Required

Recommended for : Maintenance, Weight loss, Weight gain.  Workouts are low to medium impact and designed to be used at your own pace.


Online guides are only accessible after purchase, by going to the “My Account” then selecting “Dashboard”. After, select “View” for the program you wish to see, and then select the program links/content.



Equipment is Needed For this Program.

Needed Equipment

  • Dumbbells (whatever you feel comfortable with to begin)

The Strong and Lean Training program can be viewed from your account on your smart phone/pc/tablet.  There is also a pdf file you can download to document your training.

Internet Access is required.


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