How to Build a Booty


Train like me!!!! I do a 10-15 minute leg workout daily with two days dedicated to heavy weights. Some trainers do not agree with working legs daily as they believe it is not giving you enough time for muscle recovery.  However, my routines are light and to be quite honest, you have to squat every day anyway (when you sit down and when you get up).  I use my own body weight most days, but I sometimes throw in ankle weights, resistance bands and 20 – 40 lb dumbbells (if you are a beginner, starting with 15-20 lbs is best until you are comfortable with your form).

  • Lower Body Guide
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  • 30 routines (demonstrated in VIDEO FORMAT) that can be performed daily
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How do you build your booty?

Well you cannot create what you do not have.  You can only train the muscle you have to grow and believe it or not the gluteus maximus is THE LARGEST muscle in your body.  However, if it is not worked enough (most of you sit a lotttttt) you will never know its full potential.

My workouts consists of squats, lunges, dead lifts, and numerous body weight exercises.  By concentrating on lower body routines daily , I have been able build my gluteus muscles and legs with no gym necessary.  My muscles are my curves 😉

Suggested equipment
10-15 lb dumbbells




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