21 Day Challenge Volume IV


Current Challenge!! Get Started Now!!

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Volume IV is the current Challenge

Get active, get healthy, get fit!

Focus, hard work, consistency and dedication is needed for this challenge. Are you ready? If so, there is a great reward at the end. A healthier you!

3 Week Workout Guide

You will receive a NO GYM NEEDED, 3 week workout guide that includes video demonstrations for a 15-20 minute routine that can be added to any fitness regimen covering all muscle groups, or used as your only workout (beginners). It also includes a 10 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routine and a suggested training schedule that outlines how to train for maximum results! Dumbbells ranging from 5-20 lbs are suggested and a mat. PDF downloadable.

Food Shopping List/Meal Guide

Full shopping list and guideline on how to eat and what to eat to lose, maintain or gain healthy weight (vegan and vegetarian options included) PDF downloadable.

Recipe Book

Quick, easy and delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. Eat like me!!

Group Support

Private group for challenge participants only!! I will be popping in from time to time with tips and extras 🙂


Should I start with Volume I? Volume I is no longer sold on BrittneBabe.com

Ok, so what is the difference between all Volumes? The difference between the challenges are, different workout routines and recipes. Combining all challenges gives you more options with your training and a wide variety of healthy meal ideas. You can begin training with either program. Because the challenge is a guide, it is designed to be used independently at your own pace and risk.


This an ONLINE PROGRAM. Internet Access is Required

Online guides are only accessible after purchase, by going to the “My Account” then selecting “Dashboard”. After, select “View” for the program you wish to see, and then select the program links/content.

Recommended Add On programs: ABS I and II, HIIT, How to Build A Booty, Home Gym, How to Get Sexy Arms, Full Body Resistance

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