What is BrittCamp?

BrittCamp™ is my online community launched in July of 2017.  BrittCamp™ includes Exclusive Content; online training programs, meal ideas, tips, motivation, challenges and contests.

Learn more here! https://brittcamp.brittnebabe.com/

Internet Access is Needed.

BrittCamp™ does not include the 21 Day Challenge.

I completed my purchase but I did not receive an email!

Online Training Programs can be accessed when logged into BrittneBabe.com

Please log into https://www.brittnebabe.com/my-account/ with your username and password.  All programs are located under the DASHBOARD tab.  Click view, to access your online program.

Will I be sent a DVD?

Unless otherwise noted on the product page, all programs are located on BrittneBabe.com  ONLY.

Please log into your account with your username and password to get started.

Internet access is required

Is the 21 Day Challenge SIX different from my previous purchase?

Yes, the 21 Day Challenge Volume SIX includes a new training program with full performance HD videos.  To participate in the contest portion, you would need to have purchased the 21 Day Challenge Volume SIX ONLY ONCE! 

Once the contest is closed, you can still gain access to the challenge.  Your access will not expire

Internet Access is required

How long will the 21 Day Challenge be available?

The 21 Day Challenge along with all programs sold on BrittneBabe.com are subject to change or be removed at any time. Don’t miss out on the fun and get started today!!!

Can I purchase programs separately?

Programs are not sold separately.  While all programs (older programs) were updated, new programs were also added, increasing the value.  BrittneBabe.com will not offer an additional discount.  Please contact customer service with any questions before your purchase. All Sales are Final

How do I get a refund or exchange a guide?

We encourage all customers to email customerservice@brittnebabe.com with any questions before making a purchase as all sales are final.

Please keep in mind, access to programs are online only and internet access is required.


What is the 21 Day Challenge?

The idea of the 21 day challenge is to give you a general idea of how to eat and train.

The 21 day challenge menu guide instructs customers how to make better food choices to either lose, gain or maintain healthy weight.

The 21 Day Challenge also includes a complete 3 week training program that focuses on using all muscle groups (Brittne is not a vegetarian, vegan and vegetarian options are only included)

Internet Access is required

What does Online Training include?

Brittne’s Online Training Guide/Program is designed to instruct you how she trains daily.  Some Online Training Programs include PDF’s that can be downloaded to your device.  However, videos cannot be downloaded, as you can only access the program from your account.

Internet access is required.

I’ve just purchased Online Training, but I cannot find the video(s)

Once you land on your program page, scroll the entire program to find videos.

Please also make certain to download any pdf’s included with your purchase to ensure the best use of your program.

Internet access is required.

Will my access expire with my program purchase?

There is no expiration for online training programs. BrittneBabe.com is open 24/7 and you can enjoy continuous use at any time.

Internet access is required.

When will the Videos for the 21 Day Challenge Volume SIX become available?

Videos will start to become available 2/26/18 or sooner.  Once you complete your purchase, join the Facebook Group for updates.

Will the videos expire for the 21 Day Challenge?

Purchases for the 21 Day Challenge starting 2/7/16 will have full use of videos with no expiration date.

The 21 Day Challenge can be done at any time at your own pace.

Internet Access is required

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