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Join in on the #1 Fitness Challenge!

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  • $1500 In Cash Prizes to the Top Contestants
  • Open to Participants All Over the World
  • An invite to my PRIVATE Facebook Group for support
  • Fun, Creative At Home Workouts!
  • Volume SEVEN has a 3 week Training Program Designed for All Fitness Levels
  • Full Performance HD Videos with Me as your coach Training With You The ENTIRE TIME!
  • My 21 Day Challenge Nutrition Book that includes – Shopping ListMeal Guide with Info on How to Lose, Maintain Or GAIN Healthy Weight!
  • 21 Daily Menu Plans, to Choose From
  • Little or No Equipment Required (dumbbells and an exercise mat only)
  • Your access to Volume SEVEN will not expire at the end of the contest!  You can challenge yourself at any time 🙂
  • You only need to have purchased Volume SEVEN ONCE to participate in this contest


The word on the street



These results did not come easy! Thanks to the help of Brittne’s 21 Day Challenge I was able to take control of my weight loss! Why do I keep doing challenges? They keep me motivated to want to set and meet goals and they hold me accountable for the world to see. I am so excited on how far I’ve come and can’t wait to see more changes in my body!



I totally am in love with the program. Best $15 dollars I ever spent! And to be honest to ensure I was only paying the 15 I’ve been using my old work out clothes and cans of soup that I no longer eat as weights. I’ve purchased nothing extra outside of the $15 dollars and I’m down 12lbs and feel great! Sore but great! I find that the work outs really push me, and to be honest I’m just doing them all from the comfort of my own home. No gym membership, no extra workouts.
Overall 10/10 program 



I loooove Brittne Babe fitness. Listen i have had personal trainers. Signed up to many gyms. Nothing stuck and i didn’t change my habits. I feel like Brittne creates small intensive and effective videos that work! So you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed or wondering when the video will end. She gives you her meal plan on what she usually would eat on a daily basis. Also a list of a variety of foods that you can eat. Also it’s so affordable and in the comfort of your own home. I remember have a trainer who gave only like 5 options for meals. Also it was basic. I love the fact that her fitness is also a community of women and men who encourage each other to keep pushing. She also interacts with us so it makes us feel more like friends than strangers. I pray her business grows even bigger.


How to join


By purchasing the 21 Day Challenge SEVEN you are accepting the challenge to get healthy and fit!!!  Be prepared to sweat, eat clean and learn how to make healthy a lifestyle Click here for FAQ


Sharing your results is optional but if you would like to inspire and motivate participants all over the world, participate in my Facebook Group and use the hashtag #brittnebabe21DayChallenge to blog your fitness journey!!


You only need to have purchased Volume SEVEN ONCE to participate in this contest!!! I am giving away $1500 in cash prizes!! 1st Place Winner will receive $500, 2nd Place Winner will receive $400 3rd Place winner will receive $300, 4th Place winner will receive$200 and 5th Place winner will receive$100.   Participants who purchased the 21 Day Challenge Volume SEVEN will need to submit before and after photos and blog their journey on either Facebook or Instagram (you will need a social media account to enter the contest), using the hashtag #BrittneBabe21DayChallenge.

Try before you buy

Is the 21 Day Challenge for me? Your first challenge is to try my Strength and Endurance Fitness Test for FREE!! If you love it, you can unlock The 21 Day Challenge Vol SEVEN INSTANTLY for just. $15.

Last Chance to Enter the Contest for VOL 7!

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Sign up today and join the #1 Fitness Challenge!

-Practicing Healthy Habits are super important when trying to achieve your fitness goals. Get ready to sweat with routines designed to sculpt and build your body!!! If you haven’t already purchased Volume SEVEN, do it TODAY and join men and women all over the world looking to get healthy and fit!!

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